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Not any old walk, but a stroll down the beautiful streets of Savannah GA. The quaint city of Savannah is famous for its rich history, which makes the city a popular tourist site. The city advertises a plethora of tours. For example, trolley tours, horse and carriage tours, and ghost tours. The choices are endless.

Although the destinations may prove to be pretty awesome on their own, let’s face it, after a few hours, reading, listening, and or walking through these tours can be a bit of a snooze.

How could we make these tours more engaging?

We bring to you TOUCHPOINT!

How It Works


Tourists will download the Touchpoint app and select tour of choice


With the app open and tour selected, tourist walk the route

Marker based

Using marker based technology and augmented reality, specific landmarks can be interacted with via Touchpoint


Interactions consists of animated 3D models appearing

Dream Team

These are the lovely faces behind touchpoint

Imani Campbell

Shelby Miller

Elizabeth Ponson

Neha Sinha

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